Health Services

Members of the JCPS Health Services staff are responsible for a range of tasks centered on the health and well-being of all district students. There are six nurse practitioners on staff. They are assigned to schools based on Academic Achievement Areas.

The department provides a wide variety of services, including the following:

  • Conducting health screenings, such as vision, hearing, scoliosis, and dental screenings
  • Monitoring of school compliance with state health requirements
  • Conducting school staff training sessions for medication administration and other health services
  • Assisting with the Individual Education Program (IEP)/Admissions and Release Committee (ARC) process for students with health/medical needs
  • Helping develop 504 Plans for students with medical conditions
  • Holding health education sessions for staff and students
  • Facilitating physical exams and immunizations for students who have not met state requirements
  • Acting as a health resource for school staff members
  • Developing health and wellness protocols and procedures for the district

School Health Information

Can a sick student stay at school? 
Does this illness need to be treated or reported?