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Health Requirements

Students must meet various health requirements according to state regulations and Jefferson County Board of Education (JCBE) policy. For detailed information on Kentucky laws, click here.


Every JCPS student must have a current Kentucky State Immunization Certificate on file within two weeks after starting school. Students who enroll in Head Start or State-Funded Pre-K programs must have current Kentucky State Immunization Certificate on file prior to attending a JCPS school or riding on a JCPS bus, and students will not be placed without these forms. Click here for the birth through 6-years-old immunization schedule. Click here for the 7-years-old to 17-years-old immunization schedule.

Physical Exams

  • Students need proof of a physical exam completed on a Kentucky Preventative Exam Form
  • For placement in a Head Start/Early Head Start Program. (Students must have a yearly physical exam.)      
  • For kindergarten—if the student has not attended an Early Childhood Program.
  • For sixth grade.

Please note that this exam is not the same as a sports physical.
The exam form must be on file within two months after the student starts attending a JCPS school.

Eye Examinations

Students ages 3, 4, 5, or 6 years old entering JCPS for the first time must have an eye exam completed by January 1 of the year the student is enrolled. This is a one-time-only requirement.

This exam must be completed by an ophthalmologist or optometrist and is not part of the physical exam.

Proof of the exam must be submitted on the Kentucky Vision Examination Form.

Dental Examination

Students ages 5 or 6 years old entering JCPS for the first time must have a dental exam completed by January 1 of the year the student is enrolled. This is a one-time-only requirement.

Proof of exam must be on the Kentucky Dental Screening/Examination Form.

Head Start/Early Head Start students must have a yearly dental exam performed by a dentist.

Health Concerns

JCPS students who have a health condition should have a Primary Care Provider (PCP) Authorization Form on file at their school. This form needs to be updated every school year and must be completed by the student’s health-care provider as well as a parent. Services related to a health condition cannot be administered without the appropriate and current form on file. For more information, call JCPS Health Services at (502) 485-3387.

Forms are available through the links below:


No medication will be given to a student at a JCPS school unless an appropriate, up-to-date authorization form is on file. Forms are available through the following links:

For daily medications, the specific time the medication is to be administered MUST be on the prescription label AND the authorization form.

Authorization forms must be updated every school year and anytime a change occurs.

Parents should bring their child’s medications to school. All medications must be in the original, labeled container.

Screening Programs

During the school year, elementary school students participate in vision and hearing screenings. Middle school students who have parent consent are screened for scoliosis. Parents who don’t want their child to participate in screenings should notify the school in writing and be prepared to present evidence of screening by their personal health-care provider.

State-funded preschools also provide health screenings, including growth assessment, vision and hearing screening, and assessments of current immunization status and general health.

For More Information Contact:
Jefferson County Public Schools
School Health Coordinator, Office of Health Services

Telephone (502) 485-3387
Fax (502) 485-3670

The form listed above is available as standard PDF file. To use the PDF format, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is freely downloadable from the Adobe web site by clicking on the 'Get Acrobat!' icon. get acrobat reader

Telephone (502) 485-3387
Fax (502) 485-3670
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