Job Descriptions - S


Safe Crisis Management Assistant Software Engineer
Safe Crisis Management Trainer Special Needs Transportation Assistant
Safety and Security Facilitator Special School Principal
Safety Inspector Specialist Community Relations
School Administration Manager Specialist Community Support
School Bookkeeper I Specialist I
School Bookkeeper II Specialist II
School Clerk Specialist III
School Maintenance Worker Specialist Geographic Information Systems
School Media Librarian Specialist Information and Communications
School Plan Draftsman Specialist Magnet Career Pathways
School Secretary I Specialist Network Control
School Secretary II Specialist Organizational Development
School Social Worker Specialist Parent Relations
School Technology Coordinator Specialist PT/OT Services
Seat and Glass Worker Specialist Publications
Secondary School Assistant Principal Specialist Video Communications
Secondary School Attendance Clerk Specialist Voice
Secondary School Counselor Speech and Debate Sponsor
Secondary School Order and Receiving Clerk Speech Language Pathologist
Secondary School Principal Speech-Language Pathology Assistant
Secondary School Principal Buechel Metropolitan High School Speech/Language Liaison
Secondary School Principal Transitional Education School Staff Developer
Secondary School Records Clerk Student Intern (Technology)
Secretary I Student Investigator
Secretary II Student Peer Tutor
Secretary III Student Worker
Secretary V Student Worker (Food Services)
Secretary/Bookkeeper I Student/Community Liaison
Secretary/Bookkeeper II Substitute Bus Driver
Secretary/Clerk Summer Remediation Program Substitute Custodian
Security Investigator Summer Coordinator of Volunteers Summer Remediation Program
Security Officer Summer Coordinator Summer Remediation Program
Security Systems Technician Summer Elementary Instructional Leader Summer Remediation Program
Senior Accounting Clerk Summer Tutor Summer Remediation Program
Senior Auditor Superintendent
Senior Computer Resource Analyst Supervisor Attendance Systems Data Control/Student Records
Senior Expense Control Clerk Supervisor Child and Adult Care Food Program and Summer Food Service Program
Senior Groundsworker Supervisor Digital Control Systems
Senior Mail Clerk Supervisor Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program
Senior Micro Software Analyst Supervisor Graphic Arts/Printing
Senior Payroll Clerk Supervisor Mechanical Systems
Senior Production Printer Supervisor Medical Components
Senior Purchasing/Bid Clerk Supervisor Printing Production
Senior ROTC Instructor Support Services Aide
Shade Worker Support Staff Substitute/Temporary
Sheet Metal Worker Support Technician
Shuttle Bus Driver Systems Administrator
Site Administrator Systems Analyst
Social Worker System Architect
Software Developer I Systems Coordinator
Software Developer II Systems Engineer


Date Modified 6/30/14