Job Descriptions - C


Camp Counselor Coordinator Accounts Payable
Career Development Assistant Coordinator Advance Program
Career Technical Education/Exceptional Child Education Job Coach I Coordinator Aquatics
Career Technical Education/Exceptional Child Education Job Coach II Coordinator Archives and Retrieval Systems
Career Technical Education/Exceptional Child Education Job Coach III Coordinator Bus Driver Training
Career Planner Coordinator Early Childhood Center
Caretaker Manual Stadium Coordinator Equipment Specifications and Procurement
Carpenter Coordinator Exceptional Child Education
Cataloger Coordinator Family Resource/Youth Service Center
Cataloger of Retrospective Materials Coordinator Food Procurement
Cheerleader Sponsor Coordinator General Maintenance
Central Receiver Coordinator Grants and Awards Accounting
Certified Staffing Consultant Coordinator Grounds
Chess Sponsor Coordinator Head Start
Chief Academic Officer
Coordinator Homeless Education
Chief Communications and Community Relations Coordinator I
Chief Business Officer Coordinator II
Chief of Data Management, Planning and Program Evaluation Coordinator III
Chief Equity Officer Coordinator In-School Security
Chief Financial Officer Coordinator Internal Security
Chief Operations Officer Coordinator IV
Child Care Center Facilitator Coordinator JCPS Gheens Institute For Innovation
Choral Music Director Coordinator Library Media Services
Clerk Computer Registration Coordinator Louisville Partnership
Clerk (Health Nutrition) Coordinator Menu Planning Special Dietary Needs
Clerk I Coordinator Nutrition Initiatives
Clerk II Coordinator Nutrition Services Operations
Clerk III Coordinator Operations
Clerk (Project) Coordinator Payroll
Clerk School Library Media Center Coordinator Purchasing/Bids
Clerk/Assistant TAPP Co-op Child Development Center Coordinator Records and Reports
Clerk/Bookkeeper Coordinator School Business Partnerships
Clerk/Typist Coordinator Section 504
Co-op Child Development Center Assistant Coordinator Special Projects
Co-Op Child Development Center Social Worker Coordinator Technology Support Services
Community Based Technical Education Teacher Coordinator Systems Research
Community Liaison Coordinator Title V YPAS
Compliance Investigator Coordinator Travel and Tourism
Compound Attendant Coordinator V
Computer Lab Technician Coordinator VI
Computer Operations Liaison Coordinator Volunteer Talent Center
Computer Resource Analyst Coordinator Waste Management
Computer Skills Writing Teacher Coordinator Writing Center Project (Part Time)
Construction/Facilities Technician Costumer Title V YPAS
Consultant School and Community Nutrition Services CPR/First Aid Trainer
Control Clerk Payroll CRT Operator
Coordinator Abatement Program Curriculum Resource Center Technician
Coordinator Academic Competition Custodian
Coordinator Accounting  


Date Modified 7/24/15