Job Descriptions - A


Academic Competition Coordinator Assistant Area Coordinator
Academic Program Consultant I Assistant Benefits Counselor
Academic Program Consultant II Assistant Director Pupil Personnel
Academic Program Consultant III Assistant Director School and Community Nutrition Services
Academic Program Consultant IV Assistant Director Student Relations
Accounting Clerk Assistant Director Student Services
Accounts Payable and Approval Clerk Assistant Director Systems Development
Administrative Intern Assistant Facilitator
Administrative Secretary I Assistant General Counsel
ADPP Court Liaison Assistant Nursing Supervisor
Adult Center Manager Assistant Principal Buechel Metropolitan High School
Adult Education Career Developer Assistant Principal Teenage Parent Program
Adult Education Clerks Part-Time Assistant Secretary to the Board
Adult Education Instructor I Assistant Superintendent for Academic Achievement K-12
Adult Education Instructor II Assistant Superintendent for Academic Support Programs
Adult Education Teacher Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction
Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner Assistant Superintendent Diversity, Equity and Poverty Programs
Aircraft Maintenance Technician Assistant to Principal
Americorps Participant Associate Graphic Designer
Application Integration Analyst Associate Principal
Application Support Analyst Attendance Auditor
Architect Audiologist
Area Coordinator Audiologist (Clinical)
Assessment Counselor Auditor
Assessment Support Technician  


Date Modified 12/19/13